WordPress The Biggest Six Sin-Duplicate Content

One of the main consideration when working on a WordPress site is duplicate content. For example, every post you create will be also be posted on several other web pages within the site. Whether that post is shown in its entirety on all these pages,  or as a shorter ‘expert’, is often controlled by the site’s theme. Some theme will let you chose, whereas others will not.

So What Dose This Mean To You, The SEO?

When a post made on a WordPress, it may be published on all of the following web pages on that website, and at the same time :

  1. Homepage
  2. Post pages: Every post given its own web page.
  3. Category pages: Posts are  as signed categories, and the category pages show all posts in the particular category.
  4. Date Archive pages. These are pages that shown all the posts made on a given date.
  5. Tag pages: Tag pages are another way of organizing your content. You can assign several words or phrases to each post, and for every word or phrase,  a tag pages is created. These tag pages shown all posts that have been tagged with the specific word. Therefore if you used a tag ‘loose weight’ on five posts, the loose weight tag page will shown all five post.
  6. Author pages : This is an archive showing all of the posts made by a particular author.

That’s six areas where the exact same post may show up.

If you assign just one category to a post, and one tag phrase, that means each post cloud appear on six web pages of AT THE SAME TIME. While i recommended you only assign a single post to just one just one category, tags are different. If you use tags, I’d recommend 3-5 per post. That would take the count up the nine or 10 pages showing identical content.

This Types of Duplication Is Bad or Very Bad

So, the general rule that i recommended is to only include the full ‘ full post’ on one web page of your site. On any other page where that post appears. you should be using excerpts, or in some cases just the title.

Having a high level of control is vital to removing this type of duplication, and the process begins by choosing  a good theme. The theme should allow you to specify what you want to be posted on each of those six areas of of potential duplication. I will, therefore, look at themes shortly, and explain what you need to look for when choosing a theme of your own.

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