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Ok, now we are talking about the WordPress Web Hosting. WordPress web hosting is very important decision to make a website or blog. If you want to mare traffic for your website or blog this content is very important for you. So Let's start :

WordPress Web Hosting :

WordPress, the speed at which your site loads (and even the uptime of your site), are factors that are taken into account by search engine. Slow loading website, or those which are unavailable for long periods of of time (because that host server is is down), suffer poorer rankings because of it. Sites which go down frequently, negatively impact the reputation you have with your visitors too.

There are many types of web host and lots of different plan that come with each one. You can get shared hosting, a managed or unmanaged Virtual Private Network (VPS), or a Dedicated Server. There are even some hosts that specialize in WordPress site hosting (although not all that advertise ‘WordPress hosting' are set up specifically for it). I know of host that specializes in hosting WordPress sites that are built with the Genesis WordPress theme.

So, which should you go for?

Well, that will depend on how much money you have available for your hosting. If you have a good budget, I would recommended going with a ture ‘ WordPress optimized' web host. Here are the better-known options:

  1. WPEngine
  2. Web Synthesis – This is hosting specifically designed for Studio Press theme (Genesis Framework), Which are really popular WordPress theme.

If you visit those host company, you will notice that they are quite pricey, starting at $29/$47 per month for a single website. I have never used personally, so cannot comment their reliability. I do suggest you read the small print for whatever hosting package you decide to go with. The first host listed above has a price of $29 per month, but that only allows you 25,000 visitors a month in traffic. That is less than 850 visits a day, and for big, popular site would be a problem.

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